Office Workouts

Office Workout and Stretches

Office workers often spend much of their day sedentary and operating office equipment. Australian statistics show that 68.5% of the workforce are either sedentary or have very low levels of activity. Essentially we go to work and sit for eight hours and that fact is having serious effects on our health.

Regular activity helps improve your overall health and fitness. It also reduces your risk for many chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Follow Along With These Videos!

Office Workout
Exercise physiologist Harry Beresford from Portland District Health is giving
expert advice, as Craig demonstrates simple exercises that can be done in any
office setting with limited space and no equipment.
Get Up Offa That Thing!
Stretch at your desk – Take a 2 minute break from your
work and follow along with the stretches in this video.

Incidental Exercise

There are many way to exercise throughout your day, such as:

– Taking the stairs
– Parking away from work and walking
– Deliver a message in person instead of emailing
– Have a stand up or walking meeting
– Take your lunch break as an opportunity for a walk around the block

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