June 16th

This week Is WHOLE GRAIN WEEK, the perfect time to think about what is in your pantry.

Research has found that replacing refined grains with wholegrains had a protective effect on health & in particular can help to protect against colorectal cancer.

So this week, we challenge you to make a wholegrain swap. 

Not sure where to start? Check out the whole grain registered products search Aus to find a product to add to your shopping list

Some “Very high grain options” could include:

  • Breakfast cereal – Apple, sultana & cinnamon Carmen’s porridge sachets
  • Bread – Abbott’s Grainy wholemeal bread
  • Muesli bar – Nature Valley Maple Crunch
  • Rice – Woolworth’s brown rice
  • Pasta – Aldi just organic wholemeal pasta

Below is a link for a great eBook with a variety of recipes with all things ‘Grainy’ from the Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council.

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